Sunday, October 15, 2000

Hello again , today guess what I did!..... absouletely nothing... lol... just got done eating a burrito yum.... Hey I take that back... I went over to my cousin's house... Have any of you ever heard of anyway its making me really mad.. everytime I try to get on it automatically makes me go to some site called anyway i figured it out and i went.. thats where i've been most of the day! I love that place! It's a visual chat place where you can make what you look like and so much more!!!! anyway If any of you all that read this... (probally noone)... be sure to visit its really cool! o well i better be goin now thanks! buh-bye!

Saturday, October 14, 2000

ok now that i have started and it hasnt erased my blog that took me forever to write.....I'm Amanda , i'm in the 8th grade, at Ramay Jr. High , i'm a cheerleader for my school ,pretty atletic, kinda tan , short , memeber of the court baby!,
(no i'm not in jail or anything like that), I love my school, i live in fayetteville , Arakasas ,.......... No i am not a hick and i wear shoes! , so does everyone else here!!!!!!!!!!!! , i live out in the country in a very pretty place with 92 acres of land, we have horses , a donkey, cats, dogs, and fish ( we own 3 ponds) well anyway i g2g ttyl , thanks for listening to this! lol
hey testing 123 testing lol this is a test blog right now